Montesa Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Montesa Hall of Fame. If you have pictures and stories of people not shown below, please email me.


Felix Krahnstöver (Trials)
10 time German National Champion


Henk Poorte (Enduro)
7 time Netherlands National Champion 1975-1982


Hakan Andersson (motocross)
Swedish works rider


Tim Hart (motocross)
National rider on the 250 GP and 360 GP in the late sixties-early seventies, from Southern California.


Jean-Paul Mingels (motocross)
Factory works rider. 8th place overall in 250 GP class
in 1977.


Malcolm Rathmell (trials)
Joined Montesa in 1975 to develop the Cota 348. Won the Brtish Solo Championship in 75, 76, 79 and 81 on Montesa's. Won the Scottish Six Days in 1979. Was in the top ten, 75, 76, 77, 79 and 80 on a Cota. The Cota 348 he developed, is one of the most popular and sought after models produced.


Albert Ribo (motocross)
Spanish National rider


Ulf Karlson (trials)
Swedish Champion on Montesa 1976 thru 1983. Was in top ten in World Championship from 1975 to 1982 on Montesa. World Championship career points (691) all on Montesa's. Won the World Championship in 1980.


Peter lamppu (motocross)
Popular late sixties and seventies National and International rider. Help make the V.R. popular.


Ron Nelson (motocross)
Popular late 60's Southern California National and International rider. Mostly rode the 360 Cappra.


Kalevi Vehkonen (motocross)
Montesa works rider, rode and help develop the "VR" (Vehkonen Replica) motocross bike. He Gave Montesa a 4th place in the 1972 World Championship, and 1st. European make, ahead of Husqvarna, CZ, Bultaco and others. In March of 1973, at DeDuinen, Belgium, riding a 360cc prototype he rode to a 1st overall, beating out such notables as Roger DeCoster, Hakan Andersson, and Heikki Mikkola. Two weeks before at Lummer, Belgium, Vehkonen had won the first moto and was leading the second when he had engine problems. Here the field was even more impressive: Decoster, Robert, Geobers, Aberg, Mikkola and Jim Pomeroy. With his riding, and Pedro Pi's engineering skill, the VR became the most popular Montesa motocrosser ever built.


Martin Belair (trials)
9th ranked rider in the U.S. in 1974. Photo is from the 1976 Spanish world round, where Martin finished 21st place overall.


John Desoto (motocross)
Popular U.S. motocross rider. Rode Montesa's in the late 60's Still active in current and vintage racing scene.


Curt Comer (trials)
Number 4 National rider in 1978. 4th in 1980. National Champion in 1981. 3rd in 1982.


Jim Sandiford (trials)
Factory works rider starting in 1969. U.K. importer for over 25 years. Supporter of many of the top Montesa trials riders in the world.


Toni Arcarons (motocross)
Spanish national rider


Pedro Pi (motocross & trials)
Spanish national champion in motocross, roadracing and trials. Chief development engineer until 1980. Genius behind the development of the Cota's and Cappra's.


Toni Gorgot (trials)
Number one works rider in 1982. Finished 4th in the World, 2nd in the Scottish Six Days. Winner of the Scottish Six Day in 1983, first Spainard to do so. 5th in the World
in 1983.


Fernando Munoz (motocross)
Spanish works rider.


Gordon Farley (trials)
British Champion, 1970, 71. Runnerup Scottish Six
Day 1971.


Marland Whaley (trials)
5th in 1973, 2nd in 74, 3rd in 78, 1st in 79 and 80, 6th in 81, North America Championship. Winner of El Trial de Espana in 1973. 10th in the World in 1979.


Mike Griffitts (trials)
8th ranked U.S. rider in 1975. 5th in 1977. 10 World Championship points.


Raymond Boven (motocross)
Mid to late seventies factory works rider, contested the 250 World Championship.


John Joyner (motocross)
National rider on the V.R.


Torao Suzuki (motocross)
Works rider. Finished 8th in the 250 World Championship in 1978. Former 125 GP rider for Yamaha. Photo taken at the 1978 U.S. GP.


Marc Colomer (trials)
Factory rider for Montesa/Honda. Won the World Championship in 1996. Indoor Champion in 94, 95, 96. First World Championship for Montesa since 1980.


Kevin Arnold (motocross)
1978 National #3 Open class Amateur. Rode 360 VB.


Carlos Mas (Enduro)
Many time Spanish National Champion


Lars Ohberg (motocross)
Finland National rider


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