My first motorcycle was a Moto Beta 100. It was the Enduro model, as my Dad would not let me have the scrambler version! It didn't matter. I took the lights off and gutted the exhaust anyway. I rode that thing around the fire roads in Medford Oregon for about a year and then graduated to an orange tank Cappra in 1968 and never looked back.


Since then, I have been involved with Montesa motorcycles and was a Montesa mechanic for six years (1972-78) at Arizona Sport Cycles in Phoenix Arizona. I raced motocross and rode trials starting in 1970 and was the traveling mechanic for our shop-sponsored rider T.J. Warren in 1975. We raced at Rio Bravo, Saddleback Park, Indian Dunes, as well as all the tracks in Arizona (Canyon, ADR, Metro, ACP, Fastrack, Beeline, Mayer). I still ride trials (vintage and modern) and am actively involved in the local vintage and post vintage motocross scene in Arizona. I also semi-sponser three Montesa racers and fully sponsor an 80' VF 414.


In 1992, I purchased my first inventory and began Southwest Montesa. I now restore bikes, sell parts and build engines for people all over the world, as well as many A.V.D.R.A and A.H.R.M.A racers and trials competitors.


What a long strange trip it's been





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