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As of November 20, 2013

Some items are in limited supply. Don't delay ordering, as sometimes it can be weeks or months before being back in stock.


Clutch actuator (0263.104)

Replace that worn actuator

Three different heights, 14/15/16mm


Air Filter

Two stage element
For the Cota 123/247/348/349


Air Filter

Filter for the VR/v75,VA is open on both ends.
Fits VR/V75/VA/VB/VE/VF and Enduro models


35mm forkgaiters

Excellent quality
Fits VR, V75, Enduro's, Cota's


Tank badges

Soft plastic, by Goneli. Excellent quality

part number 3420.06201


Filler cap

NOS part number 2164.036


Repro airbox connector

Fit's VR, V75, VA, VB, VE, VF
Enduro models


Repro VB seat foam and cover



250 rod kits
Will work on all pre 1977 250 motors


Chain guide
part number 7320.371


Hold down strap
part number 7320.204


Plastic replica number plate
Yellow or white


Repro handgrips

original style black and post 75' natural rubber style in stock


Repro VR seat foam and seat cover


Petcock adaptors for later style 2 screw petcock
Uses Spanish thread petcock

Repro Cota 123/247 exhaust connectors  

Repro Cota 123/247 exhaust connectors


Repro VE/VF white fiberglass side panels



Repro VE,VF,VG seat foam and cover



79 thru 81' VE, VF, VG rear fender
NOS, also have matching front



Reproduction fiberglass airbox
for VR, VB, VE, VF,



Fiberglass seat bases
for 78' VB



front number plates for Cota



Fiberglass repo left side airbox cover for Cappra VB model



Air filters
Cota 123/247, Cota 348/349, VR,V75,VA,VB,VE,VF



Parts in Stock

The following parts are usually in full supply, unless there is a very high demand. To be sure I have the part you are seeking in stock, please contact me.


  • Parts for Cota 200, 242, 304, 307, 335 and 310 models
  • Condensors for Cota 247's 348-49
  • Fork seals for all models $6.50 ea.
  • Cota 123 rod kits
  • Ignition points for all Cotas
  • New petcocks, fit all Spanish bikes




  • Throttle, brake, and clutch cables for 348-349 Cotas
  • Cables for most models, contact me for current stock.
  • OEM shift levers
  • Fork gaiters


Rear Fenders


  • OEM rear fender for VE, VF and VG (perfect cond.)
  • Fiberglass unit for H-6, H-7 Enduro. Very nice reproduction. (contact for details)
  • Red/White, embossed M, suitable for 200'ss, 242, 348's and 349's (must add extension to front)


All Models


  • Magneto pullers for all models




  • Rear sprockets. Cota 247's, 348-349, Cappra's (1968-72) VR, VA, VB, VE, VF, VG


Tank decals


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